The Future is Family

Why are we doing this?

It’s a fair question to ask with every new endeavor a person or organization takes. The reason behind such an undertaking, the mission if you will, matters as much (or more) than the execution. It matters because there’s only so much time in a day for a person to spend and we want you to know that the time spent here, the time spent with us and our families, is valuable.  

It means something. 

Stories are powerful. They challenge the way we see the world; they urge us to look outside of our limited worldview and learn something new – and yes, sometimes that can be scary. Sometimes we might not like what we learn – sometimes we might be angry, we might become upset, we might even decide we can’t let this go on. We decide to do something about it.  

Sometimes, the stories we read change our own stories. 

But the only way we can get there is if we listen to one another. It sounds simple and it is – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  

We need to set aside our time. 

We need to be willing to push aside our biases and our fears. We need to be open to the fact that the way we view the world isn’t the right way or the wrong way. It’s just one perspective among many. We need to celebrate that.  

In short, we need to invest in one another. 

That’s why we’re doing this. We believe sharing the untold stories of your neighbors will impact the way you live your life. We believe that seeing regular folks take vulnerable children in need into their homes – to raise them, to teach them, to love them – will move you. We believe that when you learn that these parents aren’t perfect, that their lives are as messy and confused as the rest of us, but that they continue on in love regardless, you’ll be inspired. 

We believe you’ll care.  

We believe this because we’ve seen firsthand what happens when a parent takes a chance on a child. 

We’ve witnessed a family a four become a loving family of nine overnight because five siblings needed a safe place to go and two people decided to step up. 

We’ve watched a little girl shuffle from group home to a group home until she became an adult who made it her life’s work to make sure other little girls and boys have an easier time than she did.  

We’ve seen a scared girl clutching a backpack full of her belongings transform into a young woman strolling across the stage to accept her diploma because two parents decided to take a chance and open their house to a stranger. 

We believe because of what we’ve seen and what we’ll show you. 

We believe the Future is Family. 

Welcome to ours.  

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