Defining Yourself

Jahaad Johnson

Dark skinned man sits on the steps of a house, staring into the distance

Jahaad left St. Peter’s Village and has been living in a rented room for a few months.

He attends Morris County College full-time while working two jobs to pay his rent. While he has family in the area, he doesn’t live with them or rely on them financially.

Like many people his age, Jahaad spends a lot of time on social media. He says he is on his phone around three or four hours a day.

He posts on Instagram more infrequently, only to share special events in his life, while he posts on snapchat daily to maintain his “streaks” with friends. He says social media is a way he can feel connected to others.

Jahaad uses skills he learned at St. Peters -- like saving, budgeting, and cooking -- to help keep himself on track.

There have been many ups and downs on his life’s journey. But he’s happy to have gone through different programs and learn to own his life and decisions.

Jahaad hopes to become a social worker. He knows what it’s like to grow up in difficult circumstances; he thinks he could be a big help to others.

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